Beach tour

  • We guarantee:
  • Unique route
  • Amazing beaches
  • Amazing landscapes
  • Unforgettable photos

€ 150 / 4 Persons

Chalkidiki combines unique beauty of landscapes, mountains, forests and sea. At beach tour you will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia, Chalkidiki. During our tour we will pass through amazing landscapes and you will get unforgettable photopictures.

Totally we will visit 7 large famous beaches and several smaller! We will do a small stop of approx 20 minutes at each beach, so you will be able to get some pictures or even a dive!;) Unique, rellaxing route which combines some of most beautiful landscapes of Chalkidiki. Join us and discover Chalkidiki through our eyes!!

Our tour can be smaller and faster or longer, we are flexible ;), contact us for any extra information you may need!

You can take a small taste of what you gonna see through our youtube channel:

Beach tour video

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