Clay world

  • We will visit traditional clay workshop
  • You will use pottery wheel clay
  • You will learn about Greek clay history
  • You can choose what you want to create
  • Byzantine, Ancient or Mount Athos design

€30 / 1 persons

Do you want to try something different, to feel the ancient Greece. Then with this tour you will have the opportunity to do it! We will visit a traditional Greek Clay workshop! First you will learn intersting facts about clay from highly experienced clay teacher and afterthat you will use the pottery wheel clay! Before visiting the workshop we will clarify what are you interesting to create: ancient coins, ancient magnetic masks, Byzantine design on a plate or Mount Athos design. Also, before leavig you can buy unique things made from clay such as plates, jars, magnetic masks or amazing jewelry from clay (earrings, necklaces, rings).

Are you ready to dive into clay world?