Loutra Pozar and Waterfall

  • We will combine two places
  • Waterfalls of Edessa
  • Natural thermal baths of Pozar
  • Unique pictures in Edessa
  • Relaxing baths

€150 / 4 persons

First we will visit the waterfalls of Edessa where you can get amazing pictures and optionally some small museums. The ionized air from the power of water that strikes the rocks is very good for health. Also, if we are lucky we can see a rainbow! Then we wil go to Aridaia, to famous hot thermal baths Loutra Pozar. The area is known for its thermal baths since antiquity. Their use dates back to the time of Alexander the Great. Pozar means under the fire! Hot thermal waters suitable for balneotherapy, drink therapy, toning or just relaxation. You can use either the outside large pools or private inside pools. The small private rooms/pools are really beautiful!

Are you ready to dive into nature Jacuzzi?!

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