St Paul steps

  • Ancient city Philippoi
  • First Christian community of Europe
  • Lydia's baptism
  • Prison cell of St Paul
  • Vision of Apostle Paul

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One of the most remarkable religious routes in Greece is "Following the footsteps of Apostle Paul". St. Paul constitutes a remarkable personality for the Christian religion, although he never belonged to Jesus’ 12 Disciples cycle. He spread the word of Christianity more than anybody else and for this reason he was named "Equal-to-the-Apostles" and “Apostle of the Nations”!
When Apostle Paul was in Troas, he dreamt of a tall impressive Macedonian man who stood in front of him and begged him to “come to Macedonia and help them”. This dream was deciding for his journey and inaugurated his great, wonderful and saving relationship with Greeks.

First we will visit Kavala the place of first European step of Apostle Paul. Then we will go to ancient city Philippoi which Apostle Paul has been visited three times and established there the first Christian community of Europe. After that we will go to Lydia's baptism place, Lydia was the first European who became Christian!

Are you ready to follow the footsteps of Apostle Paul? Follow us!

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